This page holds information for the Annual Review of ViSiCAST in October 2000. In addition to the materials sent to the Commission, it contains additional background in the form of academic papers, presentations, and brief reports on milestones.

The material on this site is Copyright ViSiCAST and is provided here in confidence only for the use of European Union Framework 5 Reviewers in connection with the Annual Review of the ViSiCAST project on 12th October 2000.

Materials for ViSiCAST Annual Project Review

The following materials were provided for the Project Review:


A. ViSiCAST Periodic Reports

B. ViSiCAST Project Deliverables

C. Annex 1 - Description of Work

D. Current Project Plan

E. Summary of Progress

F. Publicity Materials and Publications

Additional Materials for ViSiCAST Annual Project Review

The following additional materials were provided for the Project Review:


G. Peer Reviews for Project Deliverables

Extra Materials for Reviewers

The following materials will provide the Reviewers with additional information about ViSiCAST progress:

ViSiCAST Publications

ViSiCAST Publicity and Presentations

ViSiCAST Technical Materials

  • ViSiCAST Updated Project Plan
  • The Visia Avatar
    Information about standard ViSiCAST avater.
  • Markerless Motion Capture - a Literature Survey (Unpublished Draft)
    Joseph Bray (VR and Vision Dept., University of Brunel)
    It is an aim of the ViSiCAST Consortium to adopt robust and simple motion tracking methods for the capture of sign language, suitable for use in non-laboratory settings. This document has been compiled jointly by Televirtual and Brunel University, outside the project, as a spur to the development of such a system.

ViSiCAST Milestones and Deliverables

Code Due Date Partner Title Type Security
M3-1 02 Feb 2000 UEA Transaction Recording and Realtime Speech Recognition System Milestone Int
M5-1 03 Mar 2000 UEA Agree DRS Format for Semantic Representation Milestone Int
D7-1 03 Mar 2000 ITC Website Production (Review) Other Pub
M3-2 04 Apr 2000 UEA Sign Lexicon Production Milestone Int
M4-4 05 May 2000 TV Motion File Player Avatar Milestone Int
M3-3 06 Jun 2000 UEA Constrained PO System Evaluation Milestone Int
M5-10 06 Jun 2000 UEA Initial SiGML Definition Milestone Int
D8-1 06 Jun 2000 ITC Exploitation Plan (Review) Report Int
D8-2 06 Jun 2000 ITC Marketing Study (Review) Report Int
M2-1 07 Jul 2000 UEA SiGML Tool Initial Milestone Int
M3-4 07 Jul 2000 UEA Constrained PO System Report Milestone Int
M6-1 07 Jul 2000 UKPO Evaluation of Constrained Post Office System Milestone Int
D3-1 07 Jul 2000 UEA Constrained Post Office System (Review) Prototype Pub
D4-1 08 Aug 2000 TV Prototype Animation System for Direct Transmission Prototype Pub