This page holds review information submitted for the Annual Audit of ViSiCAST on 8th October 2001 to the Commission, together with the materials received so far for the presentation.

The material on this site is Copyright ViSiCAST and is provided here in confidence only for the use of European Union Framework 5 Reviewers in connection with the Annual Review of the ViSiCAST project in October 2001.

The following draft slide material is available for review to the ViSiCAST partners in advance :

  • ViSiCAST draft audit 2001 presentation slides for review

    The following materials have been submitted for the Project Review:


    A. ViSiCAST Periodic Reports

    B. ViSiCAST Project Deliverables

    C. Annex 1 - Description of Work

    D. Current Project Plan

    E. Summary of Progress

    F. Publicity Materials and Publications

    • BCS Award Winners (Awards, IT Awards, Winners).
    • Meet TESSA - the first virtual signer at the Science Museum
    • Deaf Signing for Television using Virtual Humans; Mark Wells, Televirtual, 1/9/00.
    • IBC 2001 So What Else can Virtual Humans Do ? ; Mark Wells, Televirtual 15/9/01
    • "A Signing Avatar on the WWW", paper presented at and submitted for proceedings of GW2001 (4th International Workshop on Gesture and Sign Language based Human-Computer Interaction, City University, London, UK, 18-20/4/2001).
    • "The Development and Evaluation of a Speech to Sign Translation System to Assist Transactions"; M. Lincoln (UEA), S.J. Cox (UEA), M. Nakisa, RNID
    • "ViSiCAST: Capture, Animation, Storage & Transmission" ; J. Low, RNID
    • "The Development of Language Processing Support for the ViSiCAST Project"
      R. Elliott, J.R.W. Glauert, J.R. Kennaway, I. Marshall
      for ASSETS 2000, 4th International ACM SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies
    • "Tracking facial features in video sequences using a deformable model-based approach"
      M. Malciu, Françoise Prêteux (INT) SPIE, San Diego, USA.
    • "ViSiCAST, ein neuer programmbegleitender Dienst für Gehörlose im digitalen Fernsehen" will be published in "Rundfunktechnische Mitteilungen" in edition, 4/2001
    • "Gebarende computer", short article to appear in "De Vriend" (IvD's bi-monthly magazine) by Erik Borgstein, October 2001, volume 92, number 3.
    • Translation of English Text to a DRS-based Sign Language Orientated Semantic Representation, Eva Safar and Ian Marshall, UEA, 2-5/7/2001
    • Extraction of Semantic Representations from Syntactic CMU link grammar linkages, Eva Safar and Ian Marshall, UEA.
    • "Sign language on the WWW", paper to be presented at and accepted for publication in the proceedings of HFT2001 (18th International Symposium on Human Factors in Telecommunication in Bergen (Norway), 5 - 7/11/2001).