This page hold information submitted for the Annual Audit of ViSiCAST on October 5th 2002 to the Commisison, together with the materials recieved so far for the presentation.

The material on this site is Copyright ViSiCAST and is provided here in confidence only for the use of European Union Framework 5 reviewers in connection with the Annual Review of the ViSiCAST project in October 2002.

The following draft presentation slides are available to the ViSiCAST partners in advance:

Materials for ViSiCAST Annual Project Review

The following materials are provided for the Project Review:


A. ViSiCAST Periodic Reports

B. ViSiCAST Project Deliverables

  • D. Summary of Progress

  • ViSiCAST Summary of Annual Progress

    E. Publicity Materials and Publications

  • April 2002 "Sign Language using Virtual Humans", International Conference on Assistive Technology, ICAT 2002, Derby UK
  • April 2002 East of England eGovernment conference: Presentation of Tessa
  • March 2002 "Sign Language Synthesis using HPSG.", I. Marshall and E. Safar, Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Machine Translation (TMI), Keihanna Japan.
  • March 2002 RTM" Journal article - "ViSiCAST, ein neuer programmbegleitender Dienst im digitalen Fernsehen?" von W. Brucker and S Kruse.
  • January 2002 'Using dynamic statistical models to texture the mesh of a talking head'. Barry J Theobold, Silko M Kruse, Gavin Cawley and J Andrew Bangham
  • November 2001 10 minute piece about ViSiCAST and its developments so far on the programme "See Hear" including interviews with project partners recorded at the 8th Consortium meeting in London in September
  • September 2001 IBC, Amsterdam
  • September 2001 'Sign language in the workplace: a European Perspective Conference'
  • September 2001 British Deaf Association Digital Congress. Prototype Internet application demonstrated on RNID stand
  • September 2001 London - interview with BBC for See Hear programme.
    Also supplied additional video material and signing sequences. Item broadcast in November
  • Constantine Stephanidis (ed) : Universal Access in HCI - Towards an Information Society for Al, Vol 3. Mahwah NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum 2001. pp.431-5: Rolf Schulmeister: The ViSiCAST Project: Translation into Sign Language and Generation of Sign Language by Virtual Humans (Avatars) in Television, WWW and Face-to-Face Transactions.
  • Item on British Satellite News. Coverage = worldwide except UK Interview with Stephen Cox, UEA
  • Aug/Sept 2001 Feature about virtual signing in RNID's 'One in Seven' magazine titled 'RNID welcomes subtitling target'.
  • July 2001 Launch of TESSA at Science Museum, London, UK
  • July 2001 John Low interviewed by BBC television at launch of Post Office demonstration at Science Museum
  • Item on Network South East and Look East TV on TESSA in Science Museum Interviews with John Low, RNID ViSiCAST manager and a deaf user.
    Coverage = whole of UK south east and east region
  • July 2001 Article in the 'Sun' newspaper About 20 words, short description of TESSA
  • Article in London Evening Standard About 200 words, account of TESSA system


  • ViSiCAST Papers
  • September 2001 BMVC Conference Paper Also: IVC Special Issue B Theobold, G Cawley, S Kruse and J A Bangham: 'Towards a low bandwidth talking face using appearance models'
  • September 2001 RANLP Conference Paper. Marshall and E Safar, 'Extraction of Semantic Representations from Syntactic CMU Link Grammar linkages'.
    Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing (RANLP).
    G Angelova et al (ed), Tzigov Chark Bulgaria, Sept 2001, pp154-159, ISBN 954-90906-1-2
  • September 2001 Paper for New Technology Forum on Virtual Humans, featuring Visia/TESSA VH signing; Mark Wells, Televirtual.
  • November 2001 Margriet Verlinden, Corrie Tijsseling and Han Frowein 'Sign Language on the WWW'. In: Knut Nordby: Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium on Human Factors in Telecommunication in Bergen, Norway. The paper was awarded the John Karlin award for best paper at the conference.
  • Paper submitted to "Int. Journal of Human Computer Interaction" Title : "The Development and Evaluation of a Speech to Sign Translation System to Assist Transactions"
  • Paper submitted to ASSETS 2002 conference. Title : "A Framework for WWW Applications for Deaf Users in the ViSiCAST Project"
  • January 2002 Paper accepted for ASSETS 2002 conference at Edinburgh.
    Title: "TESSA: a system to aid communication with deaf people"
  • Journal article - M Preda, F Preteux Insight into avatar animation and MPEG-4 standardisation. To appear in Image Communication Journal
  • Book chapter. M Preda, F Preteux. MPEG-4 Human Virtual Body Animation in M Bourges-Sevenier (Ed), MPEG-4 Jump Start (chapter 9), Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2001
  • March 2002 Paper submitted to Int. Conf. On Spoken Language Processing, Denver, September 2002. Title: "Speech and Language Processing for a Constrained Translation System"