Milestones and Deliverables: Completed

Code Due Date Partner Title Type Security
D6-3 36 Dec 2002 RNID Evaluation Report 3 Report Pub
D8-3 36 Dec 2002 ITC Technical Implementation Plan Report Int
M8-3 36 Dec 2002 ITC Final Report Milestone Int
D3-3 36 Dec 2002 UEA Dialogue Post Office System Prototype Pub
M6-9 35 Nov 2002 IvD Evaluation of Web Pages with Signing Milestone Int
M6-8 35 Nov 2002 RNID Evaluate Web Page Tutor Milestone Int
M6-6 34 Oct 2002 RNID Evaluate SiGML Tools Final Milestone Int
D5-4 34 Oct 2002 UEA Integrated Sign Translation Environment (Peer Review) Prototype Pub
M5-15 34 Oct 2002 UH User documentation Report Pub
D1-2 33 Sep 2002 IRT Advanced Sign Transmission Demonstrator Prototype Pub
M4-2 33 Sept 2002 TV Advanced System for Motion Capture Milestone Int
D2-3 33 Sep 2002 UH Signing Tutor (peer review) Other Pub
M5-13 33 Sep 2002 UH Sign-Space-Planner Milestone Int
M2-3 33 Sep 2002 UEA SiGML Editing Tool Milestone Int
M5-8 33 Sep 2002 UEA SiGML Standardisation Milestone Int
M3-14 33 Sep 2002 UEA Dialogue System Report Milestone Int
M5-14 33 Sep 2002 UH Extd-Verb-Model Milestone Int
M5-7 33 Sep 2002 UH Lexicon 3 Milestone Int
M5-9 33 Sep 2002 UH Extended Grammar Rules of Sign Formation Milestone Int
D4-3 31 Jul 2002 TV Final ViSiCAST Avatar Prototype Pub
M5-11 31 Jul 2002 UEA Proto-text-to-sign anim Milestone Int
M5-12 31 Jul 2002 UEA Extd-DRS-Handling (report) Milestone Int
D1-3 30 Jun 2002 IRT Broadcast Specifications Report Rest
D2-2 30 Jun 2002 IvD Web Pages with Signing Other Pub
D4-4 30 Jun 2002 INT Advanced MPEG-4 animation system Prototype Int
D1-4 30 Jun 2002 INT MPEG-4 Video Encoding of synthetic scenes Prototype Int
D6-2 29 May 2002 RNID Evaluation Report 2 (summary, comparison) Report Pub
M3-12 30 Jun 2002 UEA Advanced Sign Recognition Results Milestone Int
M3-11 27 Mar 2002 UEA Initial Recognition Results using Sign Database Milestone Int
M4-3 26 Feb 2002 INT Advanced System for Physical Motion Modelling Milestone Int
M1-2 26 Feb 2002 IRT TV Broadcast Specifications 2 Milestone Int
D4-2 24 Dec 2001 UEA SiGML Driven Avatar (full report) Prototype Int
M3-10 24 Dec 2001 UEA Decision on Sign Recognition Milestone Int
M3-9 23 Nov 2001 UEA Unconstrained Speech System Report Milestone Int
M3-8 23 Nov 2001 UEA Unconstrained Speech System Evaluation Milestone Int
D3-2 22 Oct 2001 UEA Unconstrained Post Office System (video report) Prototype Pub
M6-3 22 Oct 2001 IvD Evaluate Initial WWW Demonstrator Milestone Int
D6-1 21 Sep 2001 RNID Evaluation Report 1 Report Pub
M6-2 20 Aug 2001 RNID Evaluate Unconstrained Speech System Milestone Int
M4-4 20 Aug 2001 INT Intermediate Advanced MPEG-4 animation system Milestone Int
D5-3 20 Aug 2001 UH Prototype English Text to SiGML Translator (Background paper, secondary paper) (review) Prototype Int
M2-2 20 Aug 2001 IvD Initial WWW Demonstrator (Presentation) Milestone Pub
M5-5 20 Aug 2001 UH Basic Grammar Rules of Sign Formation Milestone Int
M3-6 19 Jul 2001 UEA Initial Unconstrained Speeech System Milestone Int
M3-7 19 Jul 2001 UEA Unconstrained Speech System with Extended Lexicon Milestone Int
M5-6 19 Jul 2001 UH Basic Sign Lexicon for Prototype Domain Milestone Int
M4-1 18 Jun 2001 TV Visualisation of Advanced Avatar Prototype Pub
D5-2 15 Mar 2001 UEA SiGML Definition (Archive), Peer Review (.pdf) Report Int
D1-1 15 Mar 2001 IRT Direct Sign Transmission Demonstrator Prototype Pub
D2-1 15 Mar 2001 UEA Internet Browser Plugin Prototype Int
M4-6 15 Mar 2001 TV Integration for Demo Milestone Int
M5-4 14 Feb 2001 UH HamNoSys Face and Body Extensions Milestone Int
M8-1 13 Jan 2001 ITC Exploitation and Dissemination Report: Project Awareness Milestone Int
M5-3 13 Jan 2001 UH Initial HamNoSys Refinements Milestone Int
M5-2 13 Jan 2001 UH Agree Lexicon Format Milestone Int
D5-1 12 Dec 2000 UH Interface Definitions (Review) (Revision 1) Report Int
M4-5 12 Dec 2000 UEA Initial SiGML Driven Avatar Milestone Int
M1-1 12 Dec 2000 IRT TV Broadcast Specifications 1 Milestone Int
M1-3 11 Nov 2000 IRT Interim Transmission Demonstration Milestone Int
M3-5 10 Oct 2000 UEA Approach to Unconstrained Speeech Recognition Milestone Int
M6-1 09 Sep 2000 RNID Evaluation of Constrained Post Office System Milestone Int
M3-3 09 Sep 2000 UEA Evaluation of Constrained Post Office System Milestone Int
D4-1 08 Aug 2000 TV Prototype Animation System for Direct Transmission Prototype Int
M3-4 07 Jul 2000 UEA Constrained PO system report Report Int
D3-1 07 Jul 2000 UEA Constrained Post Office System (Review) Prototype Pub
M2-1 07 Jul 2000 UEA SiGML Tool Initial (Demo Archive) Milestone Int
D8-2 06 Jun 2000 ITC Marketing Study (Review) Report Int
D8-1 06 Jun 2000 ITC Exploitation Plan (Review) Report Int
M5-10 06 Jun 2000 UEA Initial SiGML Definition (Document Archive) (Tool Archive) Milestone Int
M4-7 05 May 2000 TV Motion File Player Avatar Milestone Int
M3-2 04 Apr 2000 UEA Sign Lexicon Production Milestone Int
D7-1 03 Mar 2000 ITC Website Production (Review) Other Pub
M5-1 03 Mar 2000 UEA Agree DRS Format for Semantic Representation Milestone Int
M3-1 02 Feb 2000 UEA Transaction Recording and Realtime Speech Recognition System Milestone Int


Milestones and Deliverables: Paperwork awaited

Code Due Date Partner Title Type Security
D7-2 36 Dec 2002 ITC Project Coordination and Periodic Reporting Other Int
M6-5 35 Nov 2002 RNID Evaluate Sign Recognition Performance of Post Office System Milestone Int
M3-13 32 Aug 2002 UEA Sign Recognition System Evaluation Milestone Int