ViSiCAST Blog is dedicated to providing readers with important information on sign language and voice recognition systems. Due to a growing population, the topics discussed on this blog have become major concerns over in the UK and need to be considered as an important part of the country’s development.

With advances in speech recognition, more possibilities have been created for individuals with hearing loss or deafness to communicate. We discuss all the most important topics involved with the two subjects on this blog.

Due to the fact that speech recognition is also a helpful tool for any person using a smartphone or device, it can be a benefit to learn more about the latest innovations and findings in the industry.

Sign Language

In 2003 BSL became a language in its own right. Throughout the UK, over 900 000 people are severe profoundly deaf, and over 24 000 people use the language as their first language. Due to the alarming rate of sign language users, it has become a major topic for universities to offer sign language classes to individuals wanting to learn.

Due to sign language being different in each country and language, it has become important for individuals to learn more than just the British Sign Language. The UK has a growing multi-cultural population, including individuals from different countries.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has become a major part of the population’s daily lives, with many advances and innovations in the field being created to enhance technology. Communication technology continues to evolve and has made many aspects of life easier and accessible.

Due to speech recognition being a helpful tool for disabled people, advancements have been growing to make life easier for them and to provide a comfortable way of communication.

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