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We are a blog with a dedication to providing reliable and trustworthy information to individuals wanting to learn more about sign language and voice recognition. Due to technology becoming more advanced, there are many ways in which speech recognition can be used to make simple things in life easier.

Not only does speech recognition help with smart devices and automobiles but also with large industries such as health care. Because of the advancements in technology, we strive to release articles with interesting topics to ensure our readers are up to date on all the latest findings and developments in the field.

With sign language, we have a particular focus on the importance of understanding how sign languages differ and the important role it plays in life for communication. Sign language is found in all the different languages across the globe, which demands our writers to understand the differences between them.

Guest writers can also apply for guest writing from time to time to reveal findings and teachings about other languages and how it’s different from BSL.

Knowing BSL (British Sign Language) is of great importance for all applicants wanting to write for this blog. We have a wide focus on providing individuals who would want to learn sign language with information on how to go about studying or just learning the language.

To be part of our writing team, all applicants will need to have extensive knowledge of all the basic factors involved with our two main subjects, which include speech recognition and sign language.

To learn more about how to become part of our writing team, visit our contact page. All applicants will need to meet our requirements of knowing not only British sign language but also the main factors involved with sign language as a whole in different countries.

Get in contact with us to find out more about specific requirements we are looking for and how to become part of our team.