Sign Language Blogs

Learning sign language in today’s world can be a productive way to communicate with people who have hearing impairments and can be a great skill to learn. By visiting any of the blogs on this list, one can easily get an understanding of the fundamentals of sign language.

These are some of the most popular sign language blogs in the UK.

Signly Blog –

Signly is an app that displays pre-recorded signs and language videos on each user mobile. This enables the user to access written content for sign language users. Their blog provides interesting and knowledgeable topics on sign language in the UK and all the events and awards taking place in the sign language community.

They also provide information on how technology can help deaf people and how the technology can be incorporated into daily life by learning the language and using it correctly.

Louise Deaf Awareness –

Louise Deaf Awareness Blog is dedicated to helping break down common misconceptions that surround deafness. She releases videos daily to take on some of the most important issues. She also has a helpful YouTube channel. Her main goal is to raise awareness of the daily challenges and success of herself as a deaf individual.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard –

Jessica is a video blogger who presents and produces shows in the UK via her website and YouTube channel. She shares her happy outlook on life and love. The blog has a lot of humour and can be an entertaining blog to visit frequently. She produces movies with BSL and does sign language to popular songs.

This video blog is a great way for deaf people to enjoy entertaining videos with sign language.

Liam O’Dell –

Liam O’Dell is a deaf freelance blogger and journalist who specialises in deafness, disability, and social media. He operates his blog from Bedfordshire in the UK and is a regular contributor to the news blog” The Limping Chicken”. Some of his work has been featured in Metro UK and The Independent.

He also covers topics on theatre, lifestyle, music, current affairs, and life as a deaf person at a young age.